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Topic subjectIt certainly has a decent chance
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733572, It certainly has a decent chance
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Feb-12-19 05:41 PM
>I dunno fam. Even Disney isn’t undefeated.

Indeed. But there's really no telling what hit and what doesn't when it comes to these type of movies. And these days Disney hits a lot more than it doesn't. Shoot, even Wreck It Ralph 2 made a mint.

>I could be wrong, but I imagine he could still
>have his pick. And he picked...this?

His name doesn't exactly hold weight like it used to. However, IF this hits, he's probably back to doing what he wants. And he's a bankable family film star.

>It’s decisions like this that are questionable IMO.

Taking this was a smaller risk than, say, taking After Earth instead of Django.

>He’s getting dragged in my timeline. I know that isn’t
>statistically significant or anything, but still...

Eh, this thing isn't made for people on your or my timeline. It's made mostly for people like my 8 and 10 year old nephews. That's who they're playing for.