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Topic subjectAladdin (Guy Ritchie, 2019)
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732104, Aladdin (Guy Ritchie, 2019)
Posted by bwood, Wed Oct-10-18 07:44 PM
First poster before the trailer tomorrow: https://twitter.com/DisneyStudios/status/1050114010618593280?s=19
732107, How does Guy Ritchie get so many chances?
Posted by rorschach, Wed Oct-10-18 09:43 PM
I'm glad the live-action version is coming but still....I'd be way more excited if someone like Mira Nair or the guy that directed the Baahubali movies got to do this.

Guy Ritchie's films look good but tend to have narrative problems.

732108, Agree
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Oct-10-18 11:17 PM
The last big movie he directed was Sherlock Holmes which was 9 years ago.

I like his early, indie movies but his big budget movies haven't matched the quality of his first few.

There are dozens of other directors that ought to have this job.
732110, If it was *literally* anyone else...
Posted by bwood, Thu Oct-11-18 05:11 AM
... they'd be scraping up cash for Indies.

And yeah the last "hit" he had was the first Sherlock Holmes (a decade ago next Christmas), but I really like UNCLE, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

With that said, it's sad that WB, RDJ, and Jude Law are having trouble finding a good script to close out the Sherlock trilogy.
733966, i was so resistant to those sherlock movies
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Tue Mar-12-19 01:43 PM
but ill be damned if those movies arent fun af
732123, Trailer niggas
Posted by bwood, Thu Oct-11-18 09:04 PM
Check out @THR’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1050566190240677889?s=09
732125, RE: Trailer niggas
Posted by xangeluvr, Fri Oct-12-18 01:23 AM
Not much to go on, but I guess that's a good thing. Aladin is my favorite animated movie so I hope they don't screw this up.
732128, cant lie, that music had me in
Posted by mista k5, Fri Oct-12-18 09:55 AM
looked cool til they showed aladdin. i guess hes not important.
732129, just watched again
Posted by xangeluvr, Fri Oct-12-18 10:07 AM
>looked cool til they showed aladdin. i guess hes not

i just watched again, but this time on a better screen and yeah, what the hell? aladdin looks weird.
732132, he looks like a generic party city halloween costume model
Posted by mista k5, Fri Oct-12-18 10:38 AM
i think aladdins expressions in the animated film were so pivotal. to be fair this was a very quick scene with not much opportunity for dude to show anything.

hopefully the first full trailer has some good aladdin and genie scenes.
732131, Its either gonna feel like a stage play or a bollywood movie
Posted by hardware, Fri Oct-12-18 10:36 AM
and i'm kinda into that
732133, Look I'll say it.
Posted by bwood, Fri Oct-12-18 11:03 AM
The Cave of Wonders looks like ass.

The cave was imposing and scary in the cartoon, here it's just a opening in the side of the mountain
732964, Closer your eyes and for 56 seconds that is a Star Wars trailer
Posted by Ceej, Wed Dec-19-18 09:41 AM
732960, Entertainment Weekly first look
Posted by bwood, Wed Dec-19-18 08:25 AM
Will Smith looks goofy as fuck. Cotdamn this movie is gonna be ass.

732962, looks like a Hebrew Israelite taking a kinder, gentler approach
Posted by navajo joe, Wed Dec-19-18 08:41 AM
to teaching you about these crackers
732963, Oh shit!!!!
Posted by bwood, Wed Dec-19-18 09:06 AM
732972, lmao
Posted by Reeq, Wed Dec-19-18 06:58 PM
732974, Dead On
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Wed Dec-19-18 08:21 PM
you hit it on the head perfectly.

733532, New special look is ass too
Posted by bwood, Sun Feb-10-19 09:56 PM

This movie is gonna be a mess.
733535, Laughed hard as hell at the commercial..this gon be turrble
Posted by tully_blanchard, Mon Feb-11-19 08:16 AM


Fuck aliens




The Greatest Story (N)ever Told (finished)

733541, lol instaFAIL
Posted by BigWorm, Mon Feb-11-19 10:55 AM
Whoever casted Will Smith should take some vacation time to rethink their professional decisions.

He gets like two lines in the trailer, but that was more than enough to give this a big nope.

I'm not going to go see this, but if any of you do, could you report back and let me know if Smith gets to sneak in an "AW HELL NAW!"

733550, more importantly...why did he say yes?
Posted by Stadiq, Mon Feb-11-19 06:23 PM

Homeboy's career decisions are...weird at times.
733553, Because the upside is huge.
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Feb-11-19 08:41 PM
He hasn’t had a lot of successes as of late. In the past 10 years, he’s had two hits. And one of them is considered to be universally horrible.

These Disney live action remakes have been money printing machines. Beauty of the Beast and Jungle Book were both MONSTER global hits. This film takes off like either of those and all of a sudden he’s a huge bankable star again.
733554, You really think this will do that?
Posted by Stadiq, Mon Feb-11-19 10:17 PM
I dunno fam. Even Disney isn’t undefeated.

I could be wrong, but I imagine he could still
have his pick. And he picked...this?

It’s decisions like this that are questionable IMO.

He’s getting dragged in my timeline. I know that isn’t
statistically significant or anything, but still...
733555, choosing to be the genie has a lot of cache'..like the Joker
Posted by rdhull, Mon Feb-11-19 11:00 PM
>I dunno fam. Even Disney isn’t undefeated.
>I could be wrong, but I imagine he could still
>have his pick. And he picked...this?
>It’s decisions like this that are questionable IMO.
>He’s getting dragged in my timeline. I know that isn’t
>statistically significant or anything, but still...
733572, It certainly has a decent chance
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Feb-12-19 05:41 PM
>I dunno fam. Even Disney isn’t undefeated.

Indeed. But there's really no telling what hit and what doesn't when it comes to these type of movies. And these days Disney hits a lot more than it doesn't. Shoot, even Wreck It Ralph 2 made a mint.

>I could be wrong, but I imagine he could still
>have his pick. And he picked...this?

His name doesn't exactly hold weight like it used to. However, IF this hits, he's probably back to doing what he wants. And he's a bankable family film star.

>It’s decisions like this that are questionable IMO.

Taking this was a smaller risk than, say, taking After Earth instead of Django.

>He’s getting dragged in my timeline. I know that isn’t
>statistically significant or anything, but still...

Eh, this thing isn't made for people on your or my timeline. It's made mostly for people like my 8 and 10 year old nephews. That's who they're playing for.
733545, Disney is about to learn.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Feb-11-19 12:10 PM
They got Bill Condon for Beauty and the Beast who understands musicals better than most filmmakers today... but there's a catch-22 for most other filmmakers. You can't just recreate all animated iconography but you also can't really change it. It's the finest of lines. And Ritchie is about to fall on the wrong side of that line.
733569, Disney got too cocky and this is the inevitable result
Posted by Hellyeah, Tue Feb-12-19 04:26 PM
733950, Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer
Posted by j0510, Tue Mar-12-19 08:06 AM
Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer

733960, they should have led with this.
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Mar-12-19 12:26 PM
still doesnt look great. But MUCH better than the teasers. Especially the Genie.
733963, it doesn't look good, but eh, it's for the kids
Posted by BigWorm, Tue Mar-12-19 01:15 PM
I mean the animated film is 27 years old.

I mean, at this point many of us have admitted to ourselves that a lot of the movies we liked as kids were actually garbage.

So this? It wasn't even made for us. I'm cool taking my kids to see it and having myself a good ass nap. Everybody wins.
733964, Much better than the teaser... but it looks flat imo.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Mar-12-19 01:28 PM
The entire success of the thing will hinge upon how Ritchie shoots the musical numbers. And those tiny flashes we got didn't exactly imbue me with confidence. Then again, it's just a trailer.
733969, Like all of y'all, I thought this looked like ass too
Posted by The Analyst, Tue Mar-12-19 02:54 PM
however, after seeing this new trailer, it looks like it could be a big hit after all...
733970, That works WAY better.
Posted by phenompyrus, Tue Mar-12-19 04:20 PM
733981, still looks like shit...but i won't be surprised if y'all will end up
Posted by Hellyeah, Wed Mar-13-19 02:09 PM
giving this bullshit a pass because "it's disney.. it's for the kids"


733991, LMAO you're preemptively defensive in every movie post
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Mar-14-19 12:40 PM
literally. Every movie post, you're always on some shit about much people will love some shit you hate or will hate some shit you like.

Do you have anything else to offer?
735078, It is what it is
Posted by bwood, Fri May-24-19 09:35 AM
I used a free pass and caught this after work last night.

It could have been worse. Can't believe Will was the best thing.

Guy Richtie was surprisingly restrained. There was only two parts where he let himself loose.

Outside of The Jungle Book and Cinderella, I keep asking myself why. I know these things generate money, but cotdamn man try to do it in a fresh way. And sorry, but a couple of new songs don't count.

Also, I guess DJ Khalid has to do a song for a Disney movie once a year now.

735080, DJ Khaled should have been the genie
Posted by j., Fri May-24-19 01:36 PM
So after the first wish, he gets to say "another one"
735081, 😂😂😂😂
Posted by bwood, Fri May-24-19 01:48 PM
Oh shit.
735084, *dead*
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri May-24-19 06:29 PM
735086, yeah. fuck these in general.
Posted by will_5198, Fri May-24-19 08:04 PM
>Outside of The Jungle Book and Cinderella, I keep asking
>myself why. I know these things generate money, but cotdamn
>man try to do it in a fresh way. And sorry, but a couple of
>new songs don't count.

but then again a lot of people never saw the first Disney versions. my daughter prefers the live-action Beauty and the Beast.
735087, Cotdamn. Really?
Posted by bwood, Fri May-24-19 08:20 PM
The OG Beauty and the Beast is a classic b. You should let your daughter watch it.
735088, she's seen both
Posted by will_5198, Sat May-25-19 01:41 PM
not sure if it's a generational thing but she prefers the remake, so I stopped fighting these in my mind :)
735124, because today's generations needs something to get into
Posted by justin_scott, Fri May-31-19 10:43 PM
they not gonna delve into disney movies that are 30-40 years old. these are fresh takes for them.
735126, Tell that to the 6 year old kids I work with
Posted by bwood, Sat Jun-01-19 02:00 AM
Those kids devour Disney animated films so...
735083, Already on track to make more than $100 million over the weekend
Posted by mrhood75, Fri May-24-19 04:57 PM
Like I said in #21 and #26, this what Will Smith was counting on. I can't even say it was a "high risk, high reward" situation, because the risk wasn't that big. These Disney live-action remakes are just going to be guaranteed bank.

And now Will Smith is a bankable star again. The marketing of this movie certainly centered on him by the end. And that's with the serious CGI backlash, which doesn't look like it's going to move the needle in this case.

735125, when was he NOT a bankable star?
Posted by justin_scott, Fri May-31-19 10:47 PM
He's recently had some films not gross over 100M's, but it's not like it's been years since he's had a huge film.
735091, My 5 year old left the theater saying “I like the cartoon better”.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sat May-25-19 08:37 PM
He said everything looked weird. He did say the new song was nice though.
735128, We had fun
Posted by hardware, Sat Jun-01-19 06:12 AM
Wasn’t as bad as i was expecting

Clearly designed more like the stageplay.