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Topic subjectHold The Dark (Saulnier, 2018)
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731347, Hold The Dark (Saulnier, 2018)
Posted by Reeq, Tue Aug-21-18 11:11 PM

the director of blue ruin and green room with jeffrey wright?

fam you *know* this shit good.
731914, fucking awful
Posted by navajo joe, Sat Sep-29-18 02:06 AM
i'm too tired after staying up to watch this bullshit to explain the myriad of shit that is wrong with this movie. worst film i've seen in a minute.
731915, damn this is disappointing to hear.
Posted by Reeq, Sat Sep-29-18 06:15 AM
seems like netflix has a pretty poor track records with original movies. even with dope casts.

i was gonna check it out either tonight or tomorrow. but your reply and some of the comments ive seen about it on the net make we wanna not waste my time.
731916, look, people are gonna like this
Posted by navajo joe, Sat Sep-29-18 07:25 AM
so maybe you are going to want to give it a shot, i can't call it.

i was excited going in and by the end i was hate watching.

the fact that this got a theatrical release is HILARIOUS. if they think they're getting oscar nom's, they can get fucked.
731928, A boring mess.
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Sep-30-18 04:37 PM
I don't gave a single good thing to say about this bullshit.
731933, fell asleep to this utter piece of shit last night
Posted by HecticHavoc, Mon Oct-01-18 11:20 AM
i am ALL IN on wilderness movies like this...

just a fucking trainwreck tho. what a waste of time
731934, 'm th opposite in that I generally don't enjoy the setting
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Oct-01-18 12:44 PM
I don't care for wilderness and snow/ice backdrops at all, and with a few notable exceptions such as The Gray or Alive that present a premise I find particularly compelling, I generally don't care for movies that feature wilderness and snow settings at all.
731952, That's a shame
Posted by BigWorm, Tue Oct-02-18 08:51 AM
I enjoyed The Green Room a lot. And I was hoping this would be the movie to push Jeffrey Wright into the spotlight again.

But yeah I've heard nothing good about this flick. I was going to watch it this week, but I think I'm going to pass.

As big as Netflix has gotten, they still have yet to crack the code for box office or Oscar winning hits. Amazon seems to be ahead of them in that race.

733478, reviews scared me off. but this is good.
Posted by will_5198, Tue Feb-05-19 10:17 PM
the overt "poetry" of the dialogue stood out in a bad way, but I dug the theme of a thin dividing line without needing much more subtext.

darkly beautiful, with a lot of trademark Saulnier intensity and mood throughout. I'll go back to it again.
733480, ^plant
Posted by Mgmt, Tue Feb-05-19 10:47 PM
Movie was shit