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Topic subjectTITANS trailer
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730623, TITANS trailer
Posted by CaptNish, Thu Jul-19-18 10:57 AM


Who the fuck is greenlighing shit over at DC? Because I want to pitch them annnnnny character. Like Plastic Man. Or someone super goofy. Wanna hear my pitch?

“I would like to do _______. But what if, instead of being fun, the character is a dark, gritty dick?”

“Sign right here.”
730627, I imagine Batman being on some “Pull up bitch, wuss good?!”
Posted by JFrost1117, Thu Jul-19-18 11:55 AM
He probably builds anti-Batman-recognition software into everyone’s tech.
Posted by hardware, Thu Jul-19-18 12:32 PM
730630, I get that they're trying to differentiate this from "Teen Titans Go!"
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Jul-19-18 01:55 PM
But who really wants or needs a gritty, dark re-conception of the Teen Titans? Yes, some characters, like Raven, have elements of "darkness" to them. But most of them do not. Characters like Beast Boy and Starfire are supposed to be fun. This somehow manages to look dumber that New Mutants as horror flick.
730634, RE: I get that they're trying to differentiate this from "Teen Titans Go!"
Posted by hardware, Thu Jul-19-18 03:13 PM
>But who really wants or needs a gritty, dark re-conception of
>the Teen Titans?

you'd be surprised at how many people want to see them closer to their comic counterparts. go figure

granted this aint really that at all either. lol
730635, Who produced this? Axel Braun?
Posted by Melanism, Thu Jul-19-18 03:19 PM
This is...not what I expected
730636, this actually looks like the worst thing they've ever done
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Jul-19-18 03:52 PM
730639, It looks average
Posted by hardware, Thu Jul-19-18 06:34 PM
Not great
Not horrible
730649, starfire is black?
Posted by shygurl, Fri Jul-20-18 02:20 AM
Fuck it, worth a watch for that.
730653, Waiting on "DC presents-CarpetMan" jeez this looks bad
Posted by tully_blanchard, Fri Jul-20-18 09:16 AM


Fuck aliens




730657, so this is a series for the DC streaming service
Posted by go mack, Fri Jul-20-18 10:56 AM
idk, don't see that service even getting that much attention with Disney coming soon. Along with a Stargirl live action show and Swamp Thing. Also they are bringing back Young Justice animated so that might be the only decent news..

I won't watch but I don't watch the Marvel Netflix shows either.
730659, i think they expect a lot of people to sign up for Young Justice
Posted by hardware, Fri Jul-20-18 11:34 AM
and then cancel

so i figure they're trying to build the library before-hand in hopes that it gets people watching the other stuff as they trickle YJ out week to week.
730662, The violence is gratuitous but, other than that...
Posted by Monkey Genius, Fri Jul-20-18 02:47 PM
...there's not enough to tell me whether it's good or bad.

'Serious and grounded' is my jam, so that's not a turn-off. But the tone-deafness of the trailer is a concern.

Hopefully, that's just marketing folks dropping the ball. Cloak and Dagger didn't look too enthralling either before that show came out.
730666, I had a meeting at WB the other week. You better buckle up.
Posted by bignick, Fri Jul-20-18 03:32 PM
Cause they have ALLLLL kinds of silly shit planned.
730684, anyone over 19 watching this shit should reconsider his life
Posted by Hellyeah, Sat Jul-21-18 02:48 AM