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Topic subjectOkay, I'll be *that* dude
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730376, Okay, I'll be *that* dude
Posted by BigWorm, Tue Jul-03-18 12:09 PM
Man, even as a little kid, Mr. Rogers creeped me out.

Yeah I watched the show. Maybe I watched it for all the puppet shit, I don't really know. But I do know that there was just something about that smile and that slow, almost too gentle voice of his that made me feel like I would NOT want to be in a room alone with that man. And I was thinking that at like five years old.

I'm glad he's getting his shine though; it seems like he was a genuinely kind soul. Even though it seems like the internet is damn near making him out to be the white MLK, with all the celebrities being outed as shitty people, it's nice to give the spotlight to a inarguably good person--even if said person gave me inexplicable child molester vibes.