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Topic subjectWonder Woman 1984 (Patty fucking Jenkins, 2019)
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730022, Wonder Woman 1984 (Patty fucking Jenkins, 2019)
Posted by bwood, Wed Jun-13-18 10:01 AM
Here's a first look (some spoiler stuff from Patty herself): http://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/wonder-woman-1984-first-look-gal-gadot-patty-jenkins-chris-pine-1201974200/

Patty is shooting an hour of it in 70MM IMAX. Can't wait despite Kristen Wiig being Cheetah.
730023, I'm honestly not worried about Wig as Cheeta
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Wed Jun-13-18 10:12 AM
I think she can do serious action, but then again with this whole 84' theme, they may be looking for her to be a bit funny.

I hope they explain Steve Trevor coming to 84', maybe he's brought back by Zeus or something. But Pine totally looks like a dude from the 80's, I'm sure they'll drop a C.H.iP.S. nod somewhere in there.
732289, Now opening June 5th 2020.
Posted by bwood, Mon Oct-22-18 01:54 PM
Just changed the release date. Wisely.
732340, Why wisely?
Posted by spirit, Wed Oct-24-18 09:45 PM
Closer it comes out to the first film, the better IMO. They’re losing momentum. Aquaman might be a minor hit and Shazam may get some family dollars, but Wonder Woman is by far the biggest draw in the DCEU right now


Spirit (Alan)
732345, It was getting very crowded in the release date it had.
Posted by bwood, Thu Oct-25-18 08:06 AM
That Joker movie a couple of weeks beforehand. And then a smattering of releases till Christmas.
737147, Trailer niggas
Posted by bwood, Sun Dec-08-19 04:07 PM

This looks insanely fun and the action looks crazy. IMAX 70MM here I come!
737148, Blue Monday used very effectively
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-08-19 05:58 PM
I'll see it
737149, I didn't care for the first one but that is a great trailer
Posted by navajo joe, Sun Dec-08-19 06:02 PM
Unfortunately, it doesn't make clear that that the issues with the first one are fixed. But it's a trailer and that's outside its scope.

That said, this looks wildly fun and they look like they have money to play with. Now that they don't have to try and fit this into DCEU bullshit maybe they can really do some great stuff. The action looks really good, that lightning bit is genius.

Godot was perfect in the first one and I really did like her and Pine's chemistry so if they can improve the movie around them they'll have a winner.

Btw, Pedro Pascal has become a red flag of quality at this point.
739287, Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Main Trailer
Posted by j0510, Sat Aug-22-20 02:50 PM
Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Main Trailer