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Topic subjectGonna try to take my kids this weekend
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733040, Gonna try to take my kids this weekend
Posted by go mack, Thu Dec-27-18 04:11 PM
Kinda sucks this is the worst opening yet according to everything I've seen the best one by far. And these people who are anti-rotten tomatoes now crack me up. Oh its over 90%, has to be trash! These seem to be the same fake news camp but don't realize RT just is aggregate of all the critic reviews and has a separate audience score. Whatever.. lol

On a side note, I picked up the 2015 game Transformers Devastation for 18 bucks for my Xbox One. I wouldn't recommend paying more than that as beat it in a day but its a fun nostalgia trip, complete with Frank Welker voicing Megatron, and the original Bumblebee, Prime, Shockwave voice actors as well.