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Topic subjectIf Spielberg and John Hughes made. Transformers movie, in all the best ways
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732999, If Spielberg and John Hughes made. Transformers movie, in all the best ways
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Dec-23-18 12:59 AM
Everything about this is great.

If Bay was about bombast, this was about balance.

And it's exactly what a Transformers movie should have been to begin with, and what it should be going forward.

I wouldn't say anyone is particularly well developed as a character, apart from Charlie and Bee, and their relationship feels genuine from jump. Still, everyone plays their role well.

The family, much like the first film, is a bit zany, but muted in both tone and screen time. Everyone feels much more grounded and less cartoonish.

Cena is Cena, playing a generic, stoic Military Man. He doesn't get to exhibit the charm he's shown in his comedic roles, and that's unfortunate. Still, he does his job well enough, but it's a nothing role, though one that does require an actor who can be a stiff straight man.

There's a lot to love, and it is a genuine origin story for Bee. He has one fantastic moment of juvenile mischief that showcases his genuine affection for Charlie that he echoes later, though in a much more serious fashion.

Best in the series, and not because of the low bar. Its fantastic.

There are some issues, but nothing major. There are some