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Topic subjectBumblebee (Travis Knight, 2018)
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729907, Bumblebee (Travis Knight, 2018)
Posted by j0510, Tue Jun-05-18 06:43 AM
Bumblebee (2018) - Official Teaser Trailer

729908, that actually looks like it won't give me an epileptic fit
Posted by araQual, Tue Jun-05-18 07:02 AM
plus a G1-lookin Starscream up in there.
could be fun.
Hasbro says this takes place before the first film, and that future TF flicks will serve as 'soft resets/reboots' going forward.
might be worth peeping just to see what a Bayless live-action TF world looks like.

729924, Oh, this is the director of Kubo & the Two Strings
Posted by IslaSoul, Tue Jun-05-18 04:20 PM
curious about the outcome
729927, Here for the G1 Starscream
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Jun-05-18 10:31 PM
Inspired choice. Still don't hold too much hope for this one.
729958, Thank God, finally something that resembles Transformers of my youth
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Thu Jun-07-18 02:34 PM
Im in
731808, Bumblebee | Official Trailer
Posted by j0510, Mon Sep-24-18 08:41 AM
Bumblebee | Official Trailer

731814, how the original movies should have looked!
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Sep-24-18 10:07 AM
731816, EXACTL
Posted by Dae021, Mon Sep-24-18 11:23 AM
This is the stuff that we fell in love with as kids.

Ravage, that looks like Ravage, laserbeak, hopefully Rumble and frenzy. Ramjet and Starscream.
731832, ^^^
Posted by go mack, Mon Sep-24-18 07:11 PM
I'm officially hyped to see a Transformers movie, didn't think I'd ever say that again.
731819, This is dope!
Posted by After_Words, Mon Sep-24-18 12:11 PM
If this is the reboot, I'm all for it! I saw Shockwave and Soundwave as they should have been. Shoot, even the quick scene where Ravage transforms out of Soundwave brought all sorts of nostalgia back. And the actions scenes aren't a mess.

I know Transformers gets shitted on, but I'd be very much in for this movie. Initially, I thought it was just going to be Starscream and Bumblebee. This looks even better.
731820, Eff it. Sign me up
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Sep-24-18 12:55 PM
Between seeing G1 Starscream and Sondwave, I'm hyped for this
731822, looks pretty cool
Posted by mista k5, Mon Sep-24-18 02:04 PM
731840, i would be excited if i didnt have fatigue from this franchise.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Sep-25-18 12:01 AM
731835, Everything about this is exactly what the first movie should have been.
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Sep-24-18 09:56 PM
731853, SOUND muhfuckin WAVE
Posted by JtothaI, Tue Sep-25-18 12:00 PM
732955, a friend of mine said this shit felt like e.t. or something lol.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-18-18 02:06 PM
he saw an advance screening of it the weekend before last.

its got that endearing 80s boy/girl makes friends with alien/robot feel to it that we grew up on. a lot of heart and humor that makes the mains relateable/likable. the characters/chemistry are the highlight of the film.

and the same way captain america winter soldier felt like it could have been a dope standalone flick outside the avengers universe...this feels like a dope standalone flick that just happens to have the transformers universe as the backdrop.

732999, If Spielberg and John Hughes made. Transformers movie, in all the best ways
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Dec-23-18 12:59 AM
Everything about this is great.

If Bay was about bombast, this was about balance.

And it's exactly what a Transformers movie should have been to begin with, and what it should be going forward.

I wouldn't say anyone is particularly well developed as a character, apart from Charlie and Bee, and their relationship feels genuine from jump. Still, everyone plays their role well.

The family, much like the first film, is a bit zany, but muted in both tone and screen time. Everyone feels much more grounded and less cartoonish.

Cena is Cena, playing a generic, stoic Military Man. He doesn't get to exhibit the charm he's shown in his comedic roles, and that's unfortunate. Still, he does his job well enough, but it's a nothing role, though one that does require an actor who can be a stiff straight man.

There's a lot to love, and it is a genuine origin story for Bee. He has one fantastic moment of juvenile mischief that showcases his genuine affection for Charlie that he echoes later, though in a much more serious fashion.

Best in the series, and not because of the low bar. Its fantastic.

There are some issues, but nothing major. There are some
733003, agreed completely
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Dec-23-18 05:40 PM
if this was the starting point 11 years ago, I would have had 0 problem.

it's like we he had to be drug through the sewers just to get here.

maybe one day X-Men can get this kind of re-do

(or hell, Superman)
733006, additional thoughts:
Posted by Dr Claw, Sun Dec-23-18 06:17 PM
I would have been even cool with them taking out the obvious scenes that took this into PG-13 territory and just kept it "PG".

though it doesn't speak to the quality of this film I was actually kind of reminded of '80s Spielberg (the "E.T." feel, and also the PG-13 shit) meets 1990 Ninja Turtles film (if for anything, the level of unexpected darkness at points) meets... Iron Man 3 (which was probably the worst solo Iron Man film). but it wasn't a complete nostalgia fest either.

I would rate it probably a strong B or B-, because the flaws are there. But I definitely got a better feel for this film than I did the 2007 movie. this is what I was expecting. for Sam to be what Charlie is into this film.

the only thing is this is pretty much a "one-time" bag. if they make another Transformers film, they won't be able to '80s it up. and that's the point at which you wonder if these films will be worth watching or continued diminishing returns. I was done after the first Bay film, and from what I hear (and in some cases saw) they got worse. more sexual innuendo, grossout shit, lack of narrative, shitty robot designs, so on and so forth.

I'm just glad that it wasn't a real "product placement" fest either.
733037, this is pretty much spot-on re: all Bay TF movies after the 1st one
Posted by araQual, Wed Dec-26-18 08:59 PM
>I was done after the first Bay film, and from what I hear (and
>in some cases saw) they got worse. more sexual innuendo,
>grossout shit, lack of narrative, shitty robot designs, so on
>and so forth.

733011, Good to see the feedback, because the trailers look horrendous
Posted by justin_scott, Mon Dec-24-18 12:09 AM
733029, I'd go in without considering the positive feedback
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Dec-26-18 01:48 PM
It's easy to be disappointed because people oversold something like this, and going in expecting the sort of magic people like myself are gushing with may lead to a lesser viewing experience.

It certainly has some flaws, mostly of a paint-by-numbers variety, lack of a worthwhile villain, and more, but they hit the high notes so well that these are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

There are definitely some things you'll just have to roll with, and one particular scene that's perhaps a little *too* cliché on the Hughes teen movie tip, but there's a LOT of heart and joy in the core story of a girl and her relationship with her transforming robot car.

So to be a bit more pointed in my own perspective, they play that core with a deft touch, and to tremendous effect. It's definitely a "feel like a kid again" type of movie, and you'll probably catch yourself smiling throughout. The cut all the forced kitsch and wound up making a movie that is much more fun in an organic way.

Oh, and Bay's absence shows. Despite the main character being a teenage girl, there is, and I hope you're sitting down, not a single gratuitous, lingering shot of her butt, nor is she sexualized beyond the very tame and relatable way in which we'd all hope our children would experience relationships growing up.
733019, i'm sure this is decent...but the last knight killed this franchise for
Posted by Hellyeah, Tue Dec-25-18 02:09 PM
A LOT people..they should've waited a few more years before rebooting the whole thing
733040, Gonna try to take my kids this weekend
Posted by go mack, Thu Dec-27-18 04:11 PM
Kinda sucks this is the worst opening yet according to everything I've seen the best one by far. And these people who are anti-rotten tomatoes now crack me up. Oh its over 90%, has to be trash! These seem to be the same fake news camp but don't realize RT just is aggregate of all the critic reviews and has a separate audience score. Whatever.. lol

On a side note, I picked up the 2015 game Transformers Devastation for 18 bucks for my Xbox One. I wouldn't recommend paying more than that as beat it in a day but its a fun nostalgia trip, complete with Frank Welker voicing Megatron, and the original Bumblebee, Prime, Shockwave voice actors as well.
733084, RE: Bumblebee (Travis Knight, 2018)
Posted by herbiehowsermc, Mon Dec-31-18 05:45 PM
I thought it was going to be a lot better than it was after reading these comments. The script and the acting were a bit stiff throughout the film. John Cena was awful in this movie but the rest of the casting was good. Every 80s song that they played in the first 30 minutes of the movie didn't fit the film at all. I thought all of the actual Bumble Bee character stuff was good and the car designs were great. It was great to see Transformers with the OG cars and not the car commercial rides. Also I like the simpler, more accurate look of them. I'm also really glad that they didn't include an awful, unredeemable main character like in all of the other films.

I think a good script could have made this go from very mediocre to fantastic.
733414, Mac and Me-diocrity
Posted by navajo joe, Wed Jan-30-19 11:35 PM
Poor Pamela Adlon and Jeremy from Broad City.

A relentlessly mediocre film and shitty way to spend a work night.
733415, whoever handled the music should never work again.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Jan-31-19 04:48 AM
its like someone just went down the back of a 'now thats what i call the 80s' cd and randomly threw in unchained melody. most of the songs didnt even fit moment.
733504, this was awesome.
Posted by araQual, Thu Feb-07-19 06:32 AM
733695, Agree with most of what was said above
Posted by josephmurf2384, Fri Feb-22-19 05:34 AM
I enjoyed this thoroughly. If this is the type we see going forward with the reset/reboot i will be very happy. If only this were truely the first one and the trash Bay put out never existed.