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Topic subjectLight fun if bland and safe.
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733196, Light fun if bland and safe.
Posted by Nodima, Sat Jan-12-19 09:51 PM
I guess I was surprised how much death there was. I'd have liked to see the Lord & Miller version, or have Howard less compelled to punctuate so many scenes with a joke. I don't think he figured out how to get these actors to sell the jokes most of the time.

I dunno, I don't want to complain too much. A solid 3/5 movie that really could've been fantastic if it'd just tightened up a bit. Like, I kind of wish the train heist had been it's own little movie with Woody's crew and Han had the whole thing with Qi'ra and trying to figure out whether she's still his dream girl or not in a separate movie. Both movies would've been perfect for me, I think.

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