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Topic subjectThey really should have left it in December.
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729894, They really should have left it in December.
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jun-04-18 08:28 AM
>i wonder where they went wrong on this.

First because December had become THE month for Star Wars. Second because there wasn't enough time between The Last Jedi and Solo. And third because there is a LOT more competition in May than there was in December.

On top of that, the marketing/trailers sucked for this film. They had a much shorter window on the marketing for this than they've had on any other SW film. Probably partly because TLJ just released 5 months ago (another reason this shouldn't have came out in May), and partly because Ron Howard had to remake the entire film quickly so any teaser that would have come out a year in advance like most SW films would have been pretty off from what Solo ended up being. But even with that shorter window they could have done a MUCH better job of conveying how fun this film was than what they put out in the trailers.