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Topic subjectNot any time soon. Jon Favreau is doing a SW show set
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729868, Not any time soon. Jon Favreau is doing a SW show set
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Jun-01-18 04:30 PM
between ROTJ and Force Awakens to kick off the new Disney streaming service, so we won’t see another SW live action show for a good while.

I also really think that Han and Qi’ra’s relationship needed to be resolved in this film. His heart needed to be broken at the end either by her dying or her completely betraying him and turning his heart cold to her. As it is in he film, he doesn’t even know why she left him in that ship - he’s looking at it going away longing, likely thinking she was leaving to save him in some way. Which means that after the movie he’s going to still be trying to find her. That loop needed to be closed.