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Topic subjectI agree with you on this...
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729861, I agree with you on this...
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Jun-01-18 01:14 PM
>Did it underperform at the box office? Yeah....but not because it >was a bad movie.

Like I mentioned above, I enjoyed this and I think the box office had much less to do with the film quality and much more to do with the circumstances surrounding it.

So let's put all that other stuff aside. This joint was FUN. To see that new, pristine Falcon get roughed up not gradually, but all during the Kessel Run? Brilliant. Especially with the "I hate you." "I know." lines following. The fanboy in me was geeking out the entire time. Han and Chewie meeting was handled perfectly. It was shot really well...I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Donald Glover killed it of course. L-3 becoming part of the Falcon? Genius.

My biggest worry going in was about Alden Ehrenreich not feeling like Han Solo. And that wasn't an issue at all...I was too busy just having fun watching the movie. I'll give it up to you because you were right about that in the pre-release post.

I had some small issues with some of the pacing, and while I loved the cameo, the ending felt like they did somewhat of a "maybe?" set up for a possible sequel that isn't gonna happen, and that felt cheap to me. Specifically with Qi-ra...if you're gonna spend an entire film building up her importance to Han when we know that in the OT he had completely moved on, I would have preferred a definitive resolution to the relationship - either her doing a full double-cross on Han, or her dying by sacrificing herself for him. Now were gonna be left with that story being resolved in either a book or comic.

Again though, all in all I really enjoyed it!