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Topic subjectThe fans create the aura around the movie...
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729857, The fans create the aura around the movie...
Posted by Heinz, Fri Jun-01-18 11:33 AM
Not the studio. They threw money at this thing marketing wise like they always do. It has all the same DNA that we always get.

WE whether you were for this movie or not, whether you loved Last Jedi or hated it, whether you hated Rogue One or loved it, whether you are upset with Kathleen Kennedy or champion her.....what is going on in the nerd world of Star Wars right now is no different than the whole "TEAM" shit going on in US politics right now or "insert cause here". Logic and reality is thrown to the side in the name of the agenda. Its laughable that we don't recognize it. Fans from the ones who work in the business to the ones who don't...we are the ones doing this crap. And bad opinions against something as big as this franchise will always outweigh the fanboy love for it. It's the better story whether its an article we pass around, a tweet we pass around, or just word of mouth from fan to fan.

At the end of the day. This movie was great. Every negative thing about the actual movie or even Last Jedi is nitpicking as fuck and forgetting what these movies always were. WE as the ones in the fan world of SW are just as responsible for it's "failures" as the people behind the actual movies. This movie was fun as fuck and I was hooked for the whole ride.



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