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Topic subjectFUCKING LOVED IT.
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Posted by Heinz, Fri Jun-01-18 11:00 AM
Loved it. Few gripes with the last name thing, it was corny but didn't hate it. Star Wars is always a bit of cornball. Had no issues with the pacing. I think that all that talk was stupid, also people need to stop pretending that these movies have been Citizen Kane. This movie was fucking awesome. Everyone killed it.

I'm dying at guys like Kristian Harloff and even people in these posts. All these people making bold statements of how the movie was going to be shit and it just wasn't. Did it underperform at the box office? Yeah....but not because it was a bad movie. Everyone can have their agenda as a fan, and if you want to be more right than other people about what you think Star Wars SHOULD be...cool keep wasting that breath. The. movie. Was. Awesome.


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