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Topic subjectIt was good but, it proves why the EU was/is needed
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729789, It was good but, it proves why the EU was/is needed
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Tue May-29-18 02:12 PM
I enjoyed the movie over all and I’ll see it again/dvd purchase.. totally something you could come in the middle of and not feel lost. But this movie wasn’t nesseceary needs in the overall scheme of things, the Expanded Universe kinda served this purpose where you could read these stories and get everything you needed to know about a character. In fact most were written better than this film so it baffles me why this was needed. I don’t think the hardcore fan base was clamoring for this and your casual fan didn’t need a back story, you kinda get everything you need to know about Han from the OT.

As for the film, it was fun and I felt certain plot reveals weren’t needed (crimson dawn boss & pirates) couldve gone a different way, like everything doesn’t have to tie into OT. Landon was great but I felt a bit under used, L-3 stole the show and Beckett was a more compelling character to watch than Han. The movie moved fast enough but I fell at h sacrifice of lingering plot threads (namely Kessel).

Lastly they big bad reveal was obviously fan services for those that watched the anitmated shows and read the comics/novels.