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Topic subjectSaw it (SPOILERS!)
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729762, Saw it (SPOILERS!)
Posted by handle, Sun May-27-18 07:25 PM
Good: I liked it - and I recommend it.

Crazy good special effects.

The train robbery was very well executed.

I liked Han in this film - not quite the Han we knew but the nugget is in there.

Chewbacca was kicking ass.

Specific bad (story)
Darth Maul has definitely been taking steroids.

The musics is in no way up to John Williams/Star Wars standards.

WTF was the maelstrom? I mean sometimes it was a giant asteroid field, other times it was a planet, other times it was planet size frozen ice? Just confusing.

Did Vision's crew consist if 14 people? He's that feared with a small crew?

Kessel Spice mine vault - with as much money as Fort Know - had one guard? And you know the Imperials just straight killed/slaughtered all the people that were left behind about an hour after Han escaped.

I was a Star Wars MEGAFAN in the 80s and 90s and I never noticed the dice in the Flacon - stop focusing on those - it's pretty meaningless.

I saw it in Dolby Cinema - and I think the projection was bad (I think convergence was off between the two projectors sometimes - and I think the black levels were getting crushed) but GODDAMn it was a dark film - I can't imagine it looking good on a cheap TV - it looked washed out in the cinema. (I have OLED TV - I'll be fine.)

The same bad as every other film lately:
1)Unrealistic violence absorption: Chewbacca killed Han like 13 times during the fight, yet Han snaps right out of it. Like his spleen was DESTROYED, as well as many of his vertebra, but it's fine - I guess.

2)Slight smiles from characters when they are supposed to be foreshadowing something: If the freckled girl did NOT crack a small smile during her speech it would have been a lot better.

3)Confusing call backs : I vaguely remember Darth Maul came back - but the shit was and is whack. (And why make him into a management figure??)

4)Gambling is always made to be easy. We know Lando was cheating - but how is Han so much better than the other players? Movies make it seem like gambling is a sure thing for main characters.

5)Why bookend/foreshadow everything so specifically? (Or too many call backs - or pre-call backs). I mean this is 10-12 years before Star Wars - why make him go to Tatooine at that point?