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Topic subjectI think he means
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729531, I think he means
Posted by BigWorm, Wed May-16-18 06:30 AM
Bwood isn't totally on board with JJ coming back to direct.

I kind of agree.

I enjoyed The Force Awakens, but Abrams' whole approach to franchises seems to be 'stick to the formula.' For all the backlash, I appreciated that Rian Johnson came in for TLJ to throw a huge monkey wrench in it all. It wasn't an Empire Strikes Back reboot. It completely shifts the focus of the franchise, and subverts expectations. Love it or hate it, it brought something starkly different to the table.

I think the fear is that with JJ coming back in, Episode 9 is basically just going to be Return of the Jedi, Part II.

Which will still be fun, but...eh.