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Topic subjectthis is actually a much better review than I expected
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729512, this is actually a much better review than I expected
Posted by BigWorm, Tue May-15-18 11:08 AM
As has been run into the ground at this point, our enthusiasm for this shit was about the same.

But you make this sound a bit more fun than I might have guessed.

That's good enough.

On a side note, this might be too much to ask, but I would really dig it if they threw in some little details or Easter Eggs that tied into the current trilogy in some way, or made some reference that would become important in Eps 7-9. Rogue One did that in a TINY way with the whole Hyper Space tracking thing.

I feel like there is so much potential with prequels, and usually all of it is wasted in lieu of explaining shit that was referenced in passing before. Give me something more. Like what if Lando did something here, and then Billy Dee shows up in Ep. 9 and made reference to it, or it somehow related to his actions in that movie?

I know that's a tangent. But Disney/Marvel is so good with Easter Eggs in the MCU. I want some of that to carry over into the Star Wars universe.