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Topic subjectThey did remix 4, and I'm half through 5
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730632, They did remix 4, and I'm half through 5
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Jul-19-18 02:45 PM
If you're an AD fan, it's still quite funny and well written. As funny as S1 or S2? Not quite, but S3 or better. Didn't care for Tambor or Arnett's character arc, but to each his own. The Howard family had fun though...

The remix is...weird. A lot of cuts, split screens to tie scenes together but it works. Kind of. It's closer to a linear episode, but I'm not exactly sure it makes it better than the single character based episodes the way it was originally shot and shown. Makes some of the running gags and story beats tie together a little easier, but not necessarily better