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Topic subjectArrested Development Season 5
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729369, Arrested Development Season 5
Posted by Mageddon, Mon May-07-18 03:23 PM
729420, Looks like they are trying to redeem themselves with this one
Posted by Heinz, Thu May-10-18 12:22 PM
Looks like they filmed it all together this time no? Can't wait im actually more excited for this than the long absence between the last 2 seasons.


IG @h_n_z
730622, Did anyone ever watch this?
Posted by seandammit, Thu Jul-19-18 10:42 AM
Was it any good? Did the whole season get swept under the rug of the scandal during the press run, or was it just forgettable to begin with?

There were few things that I loved more than the first three seasons, but I’m not certain I even made it through the fourth. And just the idea that I might have to revisit that season to be caught up for the new one has made me wary of diving in.
730624, Didnt they remix season 4
Posted by Heinz, Thu Jul-19-18 11:14 AM


IG @h_n_z
730625, Didnt they remix season 4
Posted by Heinz, Thu Jul-19-18 11:14 AM


IG @h_n_z
730626, I have heard nothing
Posted by BigWorm, Thu Jul-19-18 11:15 AM
It's still on my watch list, but yeah, I feel like it has fallen off of everyone else's list.

For a show that I definitely considered the funniest show on television, I'm seeing tumble weeds now.

I don't even think it was that bad press run that did it. I just think the lackluster 4th season (which really wasn't that bad) made most people stop caring about the show.
730629, i watched the last two seasons (or season and a half) and stopped caring
Posted by mind_grapes, Thu Jul-19-18 12:39 PM
i was surprised how great alia shawkat was though. but if you can't have all of your actors together for a lot of scenes, then honestly just stop
730632, They did remix 4, and I'm half through 5
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Jul-19-18 02:45 PM
If you're an AD fan, it's still quite funny and well written. As funny as S1 or S2? Not quite, but S3 or better. Didn't care for Tambor or Arnett's character arc, but to each his own. The Howard family had fun though...

The remix is...weird. A lot of cuts, split screens to tie scenes together but it works. Kind of. It's closer to a linear episode, but I'm not exactly sure it makes it better than the single character based episodes the way it was originally shot and shown. Makes some of the running gags and story beats tie together a little easier, but not necessarily better
730640, Still haven't watched it
Posted by topaz, Thu Jul-19-18 06:43 PM
After watching S4 I'm afraid to watch it. S1 & 2 is GOAT tier comedy, and S3 was great for the most part, I just want to leave it at that.