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Topic subjectHe's basically software, so yeah.
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729280, He's basically software, so yeah.
Posted by Shogun, Wed May-02-18 09:34 AM
>Only because Shure was working on him and might have all of
>his AI stored based on what she was doing trying to separate
>him from the stone. They specifically had he scene showing her
>having outsmarted Stark and Banner, so if she doesn’t end up
>being successful that was a waste. They also didn’t show her
>turning to dust, so she might bring Vision back before the
>characters killed by the gauntlet return.

I'm guessing she "copied" him and she'll end up rebooting him. (Didn't they say something to that effect? Something about him being mostly software and ideas from other people's brains)

>I also don’t think that ALL of the characters that turned to
>dust will come back. And I do t think it will be any kind of
>T.I. e travel trickery (too simple/cheap). I think they
>aren’t really dead but trapped in another dimension/reality,
>and Dr. Strange knew that the only way to win would be
>allowing Thanos to use the gauntlet but that there was a
>chance that those “killed” could come back to out
>dimension/reality. Maybe Stark needs to somehow get the
>gauntlet and hen do something else with it.

I think the Time Stone comes into play at some point.