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Topic subjectthat's not really a legit complaint tho
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729202, that's not really a legit complaint tho
Posted by araQual, Sun Apr-29-18 09:21 PM
due to how obvious it is the deaths won't be permanent. it's already self-evident that these characters are too popular, with their own franchises, not to mention some of em still fresh to the MCU, plus a million other reasons, that they would definitely not be *permanently* killed.
the fact that we're getting deeper into things like the quantum realm and fucking with time and reality itself, should already be a pretty obvious indicator that this version of events won't stick.
the true deaths were ones that didn't involve people turning into (what looked like) leaves in the wind (Loki, Asgardians, Gamorra, Vision). i didn't see it as a cheap trick or an emotional cop out due to how obvious it was they'd all be back.

on another note, i got a real "The Leftovers" vibe when it happened lol.