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Topic subjectThe Avengers: Infinity War Discussion Post (SPOILERS WITHIN)
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729055, The Avengers: Infinity War Discussion Post (SPOILERS WITHIN)
Posted by bwood, Mon Apr-23-18 09:57 PM
I know spoilers are gonna fly once this drops so new post.

Lots to digest.

First off if you haven't seen every single joint that's come beforehand, you might wanna catch up quickly. References big and small are made to every single film.

With that all said, this thing doesn't waste a moment. Once it starts it keeps going. Bodies drop and keep dropping.

This shit is dark while still being funny. The tone is handled well. In fact, the handheld camera work adds to the film's sense of dread. I would not take kids to see this. For the final 20 minutes you can hear a pin drop it was so quiet.

That's all I'm gonna say cause there's a lot here that I'm sure is gonna be spoiled once the social media embargo lifts at 1:30am EST.

I'm seeing it again in IMAX (the entire film was shot in the format) as I missed a lot during the screening due to laughter and loud gasps.