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Topic subjectAtlanta Robbin’ Season aka Atlanta Season 2
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727086, Atlanta Robbin’ Season aka Atlanta Season 2
Posted by bwood, Fri Jan-05-18 04:50 PM
Drops March 1st.


Donald Glover is finally back with Season 2 of “Atlanta,” and as a twist, the show has a new name: “Atlanta Robbin’ Season.” FX was mum on what that title actually means, although much more will be revealed later on Friday when Glover and the rest of the show’s cast and producers meet with reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Here’s what we do know: “Atlanta Robbin’ Season” will premiere on FX on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 10 p.m. It’s been more than a year since the finale of Season 1 aired (on November 1, 2016), so that news is very welcome to “Atlanta” fans.

Of course, Glover has been pretty busy since then, including filming the young Han Solo movie for Disney and watching his pop career as Childish Gambino score even bigger heights.

FX’s description of Season 2 doesn’t really say much more than what viewers already know, but it’s good to see everyone back: “In ‘Atlanta Robbin’ Season,’ two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families. Earn Marks (Donald Glover) is a young manager trying to get his cousin’s career off the ground. Alfred Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) is a new hot rapper trying to understand the line between real life and street life. Darius”(Lakeith Lee Stanfield) is Alfred’s right-hand man and visionary. Van (Zazie Beetz) is Earn’s best friend and the mother of Earn’s daughter. Donald Glover serves as Executive Producer, along with Paul Simms, Dianne McGunigle and Stephen Glover.”

What exactly does “Robbin’ Season” in the title mean? IndieWire spoke to story editor Stephen Glover for an explanation. “It’s not Season 2; it’s ‘Robbin’ Season,” he confirmed on Friday. “Robbin’ season is the time before Christmas in Atlanta where there’s more criminal activity than normal because it’s about to be Christmas time, it’s the end of the year, there are a lot of people with gifts, there’s a lot of robberies going on because people have nice stuff at the time or trying to make money for Christmas or during that end of the year period, kind of like a vibe in Atlanta during that time.”

He added that the season “starts off around that time and it keeps going through that time, so you get a little taste of robbin’ season during this season.”

FX is behind “Atlanta,” which won two Emmy Awards in Season 1, as well as two Golden Globe Awards, and AFI, Peabody, PGA, WGA, TCA, NAACP and Critics’ Choice honors.

“I think what’s important with Season 2 is making sure that people understand how it feels to live in the city of Atlanta,” Stephen Glover told IndieWire last summer. “It’s a very unique experience in the south, which is a super-racist place, but at the same time, it’s one of the blackest places in the world probably in terms of African-American. That culture is drenched all over it. There’s so many layers to the life that people are living there, even down to rap music. You can find all of the things that you hear people rap about in Atlanta. That life is really there. There’s really tragedy and triumph in this city that’s so specific though. I think with Season 2 that’s the big goal, to get people to feel that.”

In other FX news, the network also announced that “The Americans” will premiere its sixth and final season on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, at 10 p.m. on FX, and “Trust,” the story of the Getty oil family, bows on Sunday, March 25, at 10 p.m. Also, the “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff “Mayans MC” has been given a 10-episode series order, set to premiere in 2018.
727094, LMAO the show title is like the Anime show titles.
Posted by Castro, Sat Jan-06-18 07:10 PM
Naruto Blah-Blah or Gundam: Such n Such....

727105, RE: Atlanta Robbin’ Season aka Atlanta Season 2
Posted by tonio_g, Sun Jan-07-18 10:50 AM
Can't wait to see this season
727140, Atlanta Season 2 Teaser Promo
Posted by j0510, Mon Jan-08-18 11:20 AM
Atlanta Season 2 Teaser Promo

728160, Tomorrow night.
Posted by bwood, Wed Feb-28-18 10:01 AM
I'm so hyped for this to be back.
728191, Florida Man (SPOILERS)
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Mar-01-18 11:07 PM
Wow. Gotta say that I wasn't expecting that much greatness and epic shit.

That cold open was insane.

Kat Williams was a perfect choice.

So many quota less:

"What flavor are Flaming Hot Cheetos?"

"It looks like an Azalea Banks Snapchat in there."

Of course Darius was fucking awesome. And I hope they never mention/try to explain why him and Paperboy were fighting.

Amazing start to the season.
728209, ^^all of this^^
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Mar-02-18 05:39 PM

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
728202, Robbin’ Season indeed.
Posted by bwood, Fri Mar-02-18 11:57 AM
Cotdamn this shit did not play around. Earn is still a goofy nigga.
728203, dope start
Posted by benny, Fri Mar-02-18 12:02 PM
anyone else wish they hadn't read any of the profile articles in the last few days? I liked that New Yorker piece but it would've been cool to go into the ep with 0 prior knowledge

Still, excited to see where the season takes us
728204, I didn't read shit.
Posted by bwood, Fri Mar-02-18 12:34 PM
So I was thoroughly surprised throughout the episode.
728268, article was so long I didn't finish it..
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Mar-06-18 11:15 AM
and then folks said there was spoilers so I was glad I never finished it.

728207, Yeah they ruined the Katt and gator surprises.
Posted by lightworks, Fri Mar-02-18 02:32 PM
728219, I stopped reading press that comes out before movies/tv for this reason.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Mar-03-18 06:56 PM
Granted it's affected my interest in pop culture because I generally don't read recaps, but going in cold improves the experiencing taking in the movie/tv show.
728210, First episode made me light-headed
Posted by Calico, Sat Mar-03-18 12:10 AM
I was laughing and tripping so hard.... Love this show, glad it's back.... Katt needs more work, his acting was pretty awesome.....
728454, Yo! They killed that Vince Staples mom
Posted by bwood, Sat Mar-17-18 08:42 AM
I was dying.

This third episode kinda mirrored the third episode of season 1.
728455, got a question (spoliers maybe)
Posted by x49, Sat Mar-17-18 11:15 AM
is willie al's father? I kinda got that vibe.
728482, I don't think so
Posted by Adwhizz, Mon Mar-19-18 04:34 AM
that picture Earn looked at had Willy, Earn's Mom and another Lady who I thought was supposed to be Paperboi's Mom.

They never outright said either way.
728484, ^^^^ that is what I thought when I saw that
Posted by Castro, Mon Mar-19-18 06:09 AM
728813, for some reason i assumed it was his uncle
Posted by gumz, Sat Apr-07-18 03:11 PM
but i don't think there was anything said or shown to make me think that...i'll have to rewatch
728556, "It's Michael Vick"
Posted by CherNic, Wed Mar-21-18 09:11 PM
728563, Earn got off to a great start...took alotta L's that ep tho
Posted by jigga, Thu Mar-22-18 09:42 AM
728577, Cotdamn Earn was a ho this week.
Posted by bwood, Fri Mar-23-18 11:35 AM
Before this how is over, he's mos def gonna catch some hands.
728580, The ending was pretty wild
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Mar-23-18 04:34 PM
especially when you consider how the episode started.

I mainly hope Van's character wasn't just written off the show since the show is mainly from Earn's perspective.
728581, Earn is the type of dude who has to get fucked up in order to learn..
Posted by bwood, Fri Mar-23-18 04:44 PM
...a lesson.

How can you be all about yourself when your broke and lame.

And this is comin' from a nigga who smokes, how in the fuck are you on probation for smoking, broke and just a herb?

I mean if I'm in Earn's situation, I'd try to be the most charming motherfucker on Earth. Instead, this hoe is all up in his feelings on some "What about mmmmmeeeee?" bullshit.

If he wants respect, he should listen to his uncle. Bum ass nigga.
728584, I get where he's coming from.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Mar-23-18 08:33 PM
He's leading a life where he is constantly making compromises and doing things he doesn't want to do like not having a home and feeling on the edge of being a failure in life in his eyes .

I'm sure on some level he wants a sense of stability and normalcy and so his relationship with Van is predictable and safe in that it doesn't challenge him to mature or grow as a man, partner, and father. He doesn't have to confront his self-blame and depression when he's with Val. It's his one break from the purgatory of his life.

So, not being willing to compromise is really him announcing that he's tired of making compromises or giving to others. Since the only thing approximating love in his life is the time with Van, the last thing he wants to do is spend it giving to someone or conforming to meet someone else's needs when he really needs to spend energy devoting that attention to himself. O letting Val in to his interior life so her love can help him regain some direction.

But Van was right to disconnect from him because she's been supportive and simply wanted what anyone in a semi-committed relationship wants which is to have the other half of the relationship affirm you.

Earn was really being a dick, tho.

I think the one theme in this season which has been different from last season is that the characters in the season are all either actively or passively contributing to their own downfall.

Last year, it seemed their environment was keep Earn, Al, and Darius from reaching their potential. But Al's meeting at the branding company and now Earn with the gift card and now with Val has been digging their own graves because of self-doubt and also depression in a mild form.

It's harder to root for them this year because it's hard to pull for someone who's holding themselves back but I can say it's been really compelling.

728587, *Van(essa)
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat Mar-24-18 02:10 AM
728590, Right.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat Mar-24-18 01:07 PM
I can't seem to keep character's names straight. I had to look in bwood's post for her name. And still got it wrong.
728714, I'm surprised Al still paid dude.
Posted by bwood, Fri Mar-30-18 06:38 PM
After all that?

Great score by Flying Lotus and Thundercat
728789, What a goddamn episode.
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Apr-05-18 11:53 PM
728796, art noir...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Fri Apr-06-18 02:45 AM
..flawless execution.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
728800, Last night's episode is a masterpiece
Posted by bwood, Fri Apr-06-18 10:25 AM
Between this episode and Legion, FX is bringing surreal horror back.
729438, channel zero on syfy is an entire show of surreal horror
Posted by amplifya7, Fri May-11-18 01:27 PM
>Between this episode and Legion, FX is bringing surreal
>horror back.

and the 2nd and 3rd seasons are insane, but i hear you.
728802, This season is crazy
Posted by ErnestLee, Fri Apr-06-18 11:33 AM
Talk about outside the box. Love it. Dying at the Sammy Sosa stuff.
728804, Still dyin @ Teddy includin Emilio Estevez Dad in The Breakfast Club
Posted by jigga, Fri Apr-06-18 11:47 AM
728805, yes, LOFL
Posted by astralblak, Fri Apr-06-18 11:58 AM
728815, That was the funniest line of the episode to me n/m
Posted by Gemini_Two_One, Sat Apr-07-18 07:46 PM

Keep the crack raps up that shit is double plus what-ever-the-fuck.
Everybody's afraid to say that it just sucks to watch talented motherfuckers pretending they sell drugs - EL-P
728959, Funniest Line i think was...
Posted by TR808, Mon Apr-16-18 11:44 AM
He look like whats under a scab....
729440, Pheomenonal episode
Posted by bwood, Fri May-11-18 02:26 PM
Can't wait to see how this plays out in Season 3 as Al still looks a tad annoyed with Earn.
729444, My sister thought that last look was towards Clark
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri May-11-18 10:43 PM
But either way, it'll be interesting if they'll place Season 3 in the middle of the tour or flash forward a little bit. Maybe show how Al and Earn's characters have grown (closer together or apart).
729445, Interesting.
Posted by bwood, Sat May-12-18 05:50 AM
Why towards Clark?
729597, IIRC, Earn said he put the gun in Clark's bag.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sat May-19-18 02:06 PM
Clark getting out of trouble means he's even more grimy than he seemed and could be a real threat to Paper Boi.
729448, Clark County, you dastardly sunuvabitch.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat May-12-18 01:22 PM
729522, Yoohoo!
Posted by nipsey, Tue May-15-18 08:36 PM
729657, I FRIGGIN KNEW IT! Did ya'll notice Daruis' shirt in the last ep??
Posted by tully_blanchard, Thu May-24-18 08:43 AM
mofo had on a Benny Hope T-shirt!


Fuck aliens


733808, Ok, I’ll be that guy....
Posted by DJR, Sat Mar-02-19 11:19 PM
First off, I love the show. Especially season 1. Damn near perfect.

Rewatching season 2. Fubu....

GREAT episode as far as what it was trying to get across.

But the musical selections spanning an entire decade.....why?

They played Al B Sure - Night and Day(88) during the cafeteria scene. There was an Aquemini(98)poster on the wall at the beginning. They played Pharcyde- Passing Me By(92) in the hallway scene towards the end. They played Nas-If I Ruled the World(96) at the end of the episode. That’s 4 distinct eras in terms of musical sound, fashion, etc. right there. With a couple others mixed in separating them! Fubu was a thing from maybe 95/96 to 99? So the episode has to take place in that time period. It’s a detail, but damn. It’s an easy one to get right, isn’t it? You can’t just play music that covers a decade span. That’s something some dumb ass kid on some “hey, 90s! Hammer and DMX!” as if shit didn’t change drastically almost every year or two back then, would think.

These guys should get that right, shouldn’t they?
733811, it's a fantasy, not a documentary
Posted by howisya, Sun Mar-03-19 08:27 AM
just kidding, sort of. i notice things like that, too, and it makes me question how people get those cushy music supervisor jobs or if it's the filmmakers pushing their preferences. honestly, i only saw the episode once, so any of that could be possible, but realistically you are right, and storywise the unrealistic selections show how memory betrays us, that the past is not always exactly how we remember but how we shape it to be.