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Topic subjectThst would be hilarious tho
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726291, Thst would be hilarious tho
Posted by BigReg, Tue Dec-05-17 10:57 PM
>lol marvel lol capcom.

After all that, “What do ya mean? its got nothing to do with fox owning the rights? We love the xmen, we just happen ro be trying new things!”

Suddenly xmen dlc announced on the gaming side
Marvel starts up Fantastic Four comics again (lol@em cancelling em in the first place)
Eternals suddenly disappear and go back to the Kirby comic nerd hole where they belong.

That said, since they were denied xmen they’ve done wonderful work with B level characters, I hope that streak continues and its not just wolvoe/Jean/Cyclops love triangles and Beast bitching about having blue hair. In a weird way MCU (and its influence in the comics)has kinda showed how stale the Xmen has gotten over the yeaes