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Topic subjectRIP Charlie Murphy
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721149, RIP Charlie Murphy
Posted by xangeluvr, Wed Apr-12-17 12:52 PM
Battled with leukemia. RIP.
721150, Gusto, Buc Nasty, the True Hollywood Stories
Posted by Marauder21, Wed Apr-12-17 12:59 PM
Can't forget Tyree from The Mad Real World, too.

RIP, gone way too soon.
721156, Indeed...
Posted by Creole, Wed Apr-12-17 02:07 PM
721157, Damn
Posted by 13Rose, Wed Apr-12-17 02:37 PM
Salute to Eddie's 5%er older brother (for a time). He deserves a star JUST for C True Hollywood Stories.
721200, No way...
Posted by Voodoochilde, Thu Apr-13-17 06:13 PM
man, i didn't know he was battling with that...

damn thats awful..

i'm kinda speechless, i don't even know what to say...just 56?

i'll say this, i didn't know him, but i did genuinely love his 'spirit', meaning the vibe he put out on film/tv...came off as real & real funny...no pretense and no punches pulled...

have you listened to
her stuff?

RIP David Williams:
721201, Glad he got to shine for a while. Funny ass dude. R.I.P.
Posted by Basaglia, Thu Apr-13-17 07:17 PM