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Topic subjectTimo Tjahjanto makes grindhouse movies
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732546, Timo Tjahjanto makes grindhouse movies
Posted by Nodima, Fri Nov-09-18 10:36 AM
This one is a bit more on the serious side with some doses of Acting, but having seen this I think it puts the violence of The Night Comes for Us in better perspective too. The over the top nature of the violence here, to me, makes it clear that Timo understood he was making more of a comedy with The Night... because nobody is hamming it up here the way Joe does as Ito in that one.

Timo just wants to find excuses to stab and slice people, he gets some perverse sense of joy out of seeing fully automatic weapons handled by trained killers completely miss their targets from two feet away, and his scripts are far more concerned with moments than arcs. They're also probably a little too long, but even that becomes a bit of the appeal as his fight scenes often have this video game-like quality to them where anything can and will happen until whenever the final cutscene is triggered and actual damage is done.

I binged The Raid, The Night Comes for Us and Headshot all in a row last night, first time seeing any of them, and at the end of it I wish the other few movies in these guys' repertoire were on Netflix too. Iko, Joe, Julie, Zach, Timo and Sonny seem to be having a lot of fun making movies over in Indonesia and once you accept their eccentricities I think it's a lot easier to overlook the weird stuff that would bog regular action movies down. These are cartoons and everybody seems to be funnin' around over there.

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