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Topic subjectok, I'll be that guy
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737022, ok, I'll be that guy
Posted by BigWorm, Tue Dec-03-19 07:27 AM
Pacino was good. DeNiro was good. Pesci was great. The de-aging was well done and mostly didn't take me out of the movie (except for Pacino, who looked weird, like he'd had massive plastic surgery).

But this is Scorsese staying in his lane. If you're expecting a vastly different mafia movie than Goodfellas or Casino, think again. It plays out almost exactly the same as those films.

The only difference is that this one is more about how it sucks to be old, and that in a way the few that survived ended up worse off than the people they murdered. That was an interesting spin.

Otherwise, you've seen this movie many times before.

It's funny that Scorsese would take a big shit on the MCU and then churn out a movie so similar to almost every other organized crime drama that he's ever done.