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Topic subjectRE: No Scorsese film has made 150 million domestically.
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736548, RE: No Scorsese film has made 150 million domestically.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri Nov-01-19 05:45 PM
>Sans Leo, Marty tops out at 82 million.
>Being generous, if the production budget is on the low end of
>100 million and the marketing is the average 50 million,
>you're getting into domestic box office numbers that Scorsese
>just doesn't see and I doubt this is a film that people want
>to rely completely on foreign markets for the profit.
>Beyond that, Hollywood's probably never investing 150 million
>in the production of an R-rated film starring three
>70-year-olds, no matter what the names. Unless it's Cocoon
>meets Avatar and even then it would be a struggle.

The production budget was $159M. Marty is a treasure but I don't think he would have gotten $59M for a 'grown-up' movie in this film market. It's just the new reality.