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Topic subjectBig Little Lies (HBO)
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719789, Big Little Lies (HBO)
Posted by SoulHonky, Mon Feb-20-17 10:38 AM
Solid premiere episode, although I could see being turned off by the annoying rich people. Reese Witherspoon is pretty great in it, Nicole Kidman is Nicole Kidman (take it or leave it), and Shailene Woodley holds her own against them.

I wonder how long they'll go before revealing who was killed. I kind of wished I'd known it wouldn't be revealed before the end of the pilot because I was waiting for it.

719797, I liked it. It's intriguing to me.
Posted by natenate101, Tue Feb-21-17 12:39 AM
Sometimes over the top dramas like this can be engulfing when done well. Thought it looked good, and the plots while cliche still held my interest. Always dig Adam Scott and Reese is on one. I'm in.
719952, man...those interrogation scenes in the pilot were HORRIBLE
Posted by ternary_star, Sat Feb-25-17 11:24 AM
what a bad choice. horrendously acted and just awkwardly repeating what we're actually seeing in the scenes with the women.

pilot could've been intriguing without the jarring intercutting of the police shit, but as-is, i could barely get through it.
719953, I thought they established the town as a character
Posted by SoulHonky, Sat Feb-25-17 11:30 AM
Without them, it would have seemed more like just four people arguing and it established the hierarchy of the town a bit but, yeah, they seemed like they came out of a more comedic show and could have been less on the nose.

Good idea, questionable execution.
720031, Ep. 2 - More of the Same
Posted by SoulHonky, Sun Feb-26-17 09:12 PM
This one had me checking how many episodes there were total. Just kind of felt like a rehash of the initial episode's issues. The interrogations felt more random to me this time and less necessary than in the first ep.

Still in but this one wasn't great.