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716844, Finally finished.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Mon Oct-24-16 07:23 PM
(ratings out of 4)

Nosedive ***
Playtest **
Shut Up And Dance **1/2
San Junipero ***1/2
Men Against Fire ***
Hated In The Nation ***

Top 5 Favorite Black Mirror Episodes

The Entire History Of You
White Christmas
San Junipero
White Bear
Hated In The Nation

- Gugu Mbatha-Raw was great (and fine) in San Junipero.
- Didn't care for Kelly MacDonald in Hated In The Nation.
- Both "Shut Up And Dance" and "Hated..." reminded me of the anxiety of "The National Anthem" from S1. Black Mirror is good at that.
- Loved the last 5 minutes of "Shut Up And Dance".
- Part of the reason I really liked Black Mirror was the showcasing of technology in the near future. Just seeing the things they came up with was always interesting. It seemed like this season backed away from some of that.

Overall solid. Might go back and rewatch S1 again.