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Topic subjectAmanda Knox: now streaming on Netflix.
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716084, Amanda Knox: now streaming on Netflix.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Sep-30-16 11:12 PM
Another strong doc from Netflix (went to Duke with one of the directors), this one attacking more shoddy police work and media jumps to conclusion. It's a tight 90 minutes, and for fans of crime docs, definitely worth the time.
717786, Foxy Knoxy
Posted by Mynoriti, Sun Nov-27-16 03:11 PM
I can't call it for sure, but I found her "which is more likely" pretty convincing. she def comes off a bit touched, but they didn't give us enough to believe she had motive or is even capable all that. She does have the crazy eyes, which even she seemed to acknowledge.

Daily Mail reporter guy was a sleaze.

lol@ Trump popping up in this
717787, If this were fiction, I'd call the Daily Mail guy over the top
Posted by Walleye, Sun Nov-27-16 04:26 PM
Just comically evil.