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Topic subjectRE: Pitch a book series or author you'd like to see adapted to TV
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715742, RE: Pitch a book series or author you'd like to see adapted to TV
Posted by jcpoppe, Sun Sep-18-16 03:00 PM
Red Sparrow and Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews would be great modern spy thrillers to adapt for TV. They focus highly on spy craft, similar to John Le Carre novels, but they are more modern and Matthews does a great way of establishing the two main characters as independent persons. I'd say Matthews is the modern American update to the Brit Le Carre. There is suspense, sex, murder, and a realistic feel to his books (I mean, he was a CIA agent).

Plot in as few words as possible because you should read the book if you like spy joints: Russian girl becomes spy. She meets a guy who is an American spy. They dance around each other trying to figure out what the other wants. People die. Sex is had. Somebody flips against their government.

Word on the street is there is going to be a big Hollywood production done for Red Sparrow, which is cool and all, but a TV series where things are slowed down a bit to deliver the tense pacing of the books would've been a better choice in my opinion.