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Topic subjectDope! I hope you enjoy them. CG is standalone
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715702, Dope! I hope you enjoy them. CG is standalone
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Sep-16-16 08:45 AM
That one gets a little more dense on the science since a large portion of it hinges on discussion between the two main characters breaking things down.

After that I'd recommend WWW followed by Neadertal Parallax, if only because WWW is a lighter, more fun read after CG. If you've ever delved into game theory you'll enjoy WWW because it's used often.

It's arguably the more nuanced of the three reccomendations.I.e, Caitlyns6 father is austic...or maybe aspergers...anyhow he has to teach WebMind how to emulate neruotypical human emotions so as not to make those who I teract with him uncomfortable, and you get a lot of singularly intriguing moments.