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715700, Thanks!
Posted by Walleye, Fri Sep-16-16 08:27 AM
Well I'm fucking sold. My wife informed me that we actually own the Grimnoir books (somewhere in our apartment - this is a common problem) but I'm pretty interested in the Sawyer books based on those descriptions. Calculating God *isn't* part of the other trilogies, right? I think I may start with that stand-alone one, if that's the case. I've always had a bit of trouble with SciFi as a category (the problem is all me - I don't have a very good visual imagination and it makes me want to keep my stories as grounded as possible) but too many smart people, now you're another, have yelled at me with appealing recommendations.

But I still like the idea of a stand-alone novel first.

So, I'm on it. I'll holler upon you when I'm done. Thanks again.