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Topic subjectMartian Time Slip by Philip K Dick for HBO
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715140, Martian Time Slip by Philip K Dick for HBO
Posted by handle, Tue Aug-23-16 03:38 PM
It has everything:

Forced migration from Earth for some.
Union jobs on mars so union bosses and laborers move on their own.
Native Martians - called the "N" word by locals (It's okayP - I can't even type it with **'s without being jumped on.)
A Martian butler.
Time dilation and manipulation and possible time travel device in the form of a Martian totem.

It's got more than enough mysticism, intrigue, drama, politics, racism, sci-fi elements - and humor to be a good show.

And it could keep a good arc for a few years.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch would be more "fun" but I fear the show runners would screw it up by leaning in on Eldritch as a boogeyman.