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Topic subjectBeautiful...bravo
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720342, Beautiful...bravo
Posted by LA2Philly, Thu Mar-09-17 09:13 AM
For whatever reason (and I had no idea about the plot of the movie other than the basic concept), my viewing intersected during a time where the major themes are so salient to me personally.

Back to that in a second..technically, well done in all regards. The leads, the framing, the pacing, the handling of the always difficult time dimension. Villanueve handled the latter aspect like Nolan wishes he could have in Interstellar...complex without being convoluted, shows rather than tells using the natural flow and mechanisms of the plot.

The final 10 minutes had me in tears. The major theme of enjoying the process/moments regardless the outcome is one I have carried throughout my life yet have forgotten recently due to certain frustrations with constraints. Renner's final line floored me "all my life I looked up to the stars...and what surprised me most, wasn't meeting them, it was meeting you." Goosebumps while just typing that line...get so caught up in the future and where we want to go or do, and I'm extremely guilty of this, that we forget those things most impactful are often times right in front of us.

Bravo. The power of film...this is the film I needed to see at this moment in my life and so thankful I did.