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718247, I'll get in this line
Posted by Nodima, Sun Dec-11-16 07:32 PM
it became too sentimental and focused on the primary character's story

I had the same issue with Interstellar's third act but at least they made it clear it was always going to be about this guy saving the galaxy from the beginning

the introduction of Renner's character had me all set up for a straight up hour and a half of problem solving and figuring out what the aliens want and then all of a sudden it's another kind of movie.

that said, I had a similar problem with how Sicario snuck an entirely different movie into what it spent most of its time attempting to be and I enjoyed that far more on a second viewing recently than I did in theaters.

but I'm not necessarily in the "I really gotta have a kid no matter what may befall that kid because I want to raise a successor and feel that level of affection for something" subset of humanity so it didn't hit me the way it would likely hit parents or wanna-be parents.

I got most excited when her dreams and reality began becoming a bit of a blur near the mid-section but they didn't stick with that idea enough; this movie would've been a great Inception-style thriller if they'd have played with that idea more.

I will add that in addition to the scenery and general aesthetic of the movie (look, score, atmosphere) being masterful I also thought it had a perfect pace to it; I just take issue with the beats and overall message, which I also think the movie undermined a bit with a couple specific pieces of dialogue and plot points that didn't necessarily seem satirical though they may have been intended to be.

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