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Topic subjectjust... UTTERLY FANTASTIC
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717758, just... UTTERLY FANTASTIC
Posted by HecticHavoc, Thu Nov-24-16 10:43 PM
i was also very happy to read in this thread this was the same director as Sicario (my favorite movie from last year)

this was by far my favorite movie this year, and to be honest, best ive seen since Sicario

i was really moved by this movie man. powerful fucking shit right there. think they dominated every aspect of this film, enjoyed how the aliens looked and presented themselves.

question, she asks her future baby daddy that if you knew your entire future ahead of you, what would you do, he says be more truthful about how i feel... when she is drinking wine later on in their house, that must be when she tells him about their kid. surprised he leaves her even still.

again, i left the theater very happy with the experience. LOVED IT.