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Topic subjectVery disappointing payoff.
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717604, Very disappointing payoff.
Posted by denny, Fri Nov-18-16 02:05 AM
And philosophically, an extremely unsophisticated understanding of language underlies a movie that's supposed to espouse the beauty of communication. Words are symbols for meanings which pre-supposes the existence of those meanings before words are used to symbolize them. It's about the most unromantic understanding of language possible and is used here as an attempt for romantic effect.

A very dull and unimaginative understanding of language that can only retreat into magic territory in an attempt to make poetry out of a very small-minded and overly-mechanical framework of assumptions.

Ex-Machina might be the greatest sci-fi film of the millenium and raised the bar on the philosophy of language in sci-fi to great heights.....this film falls embarrasingly low on that bar.