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Topic subjectVery well made film; didn't love the story
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717458, Very well made film; didn't love the story
Posted by SoulHonky, Mon Nov-14-16 03:33 PM
I'm not a fan of time travel paradoxes like How did the guy know he had to tell her his phone number? although in this case I was a little bit more forgiving. But I kind of called the "Daughter is the future" angle early and was kind of bummed that that was going to be the solution to the overall question.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the film but nothing really stuck with me. I know a lot of people are moved by it because of how it relates to today with helping others/refugees but I didn't really feel like it played with that angle enough to make it resonate. Also, I feel like the solution being knowing what happened in the future kind of short-circuits that. (And I think the Sicario lesson was more important for what's happening today.)

Still, one of the better movies of the year so far.