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Posted by ternary_star, Mon Nov-14-16 08:12 AM
>it still makes me wonder what the Aliens gained from this...
>they said in 3 thousands years the humans would help them, but
>was Amy Adams character the only human able to see/understand
>them, or was that field of language and perception of time
>opened up to every one?

They were, I think, intentionally vague about what help the aliens would need (could be natural resources unique to earth, could be the thought process of a species that thinks about time linearly...). But teaching us their language and ability to hop around time will make it much easier to communicate (and maybe help ensure that we haven't exterminated ourselves through nuclear war) when they return in 3000 years.

humans can only "time travel" when they've fully understood the heptapod language... that is, when they've started to dream in it and are fully immersed in it. Adams was obviously the most well-versed but I get the feeling that her knowledge was even further advanced when she boarded the ship and could actually touch the ink.

and it looks like she becomes the leading expert on the language in the near future but obviously not everyone gets the time-hopping ability because her husband is surprised by the daughter getting sick.