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Topic subjectI was confused, too
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717422, I was confused, too
Posted by ternary_star, Sun Nov-13-16 09:15 AM
did some reading and realize the main question of the film is, if you could foresee a great trauma in your life, would you negate it, if that also meant that you would never experience the greatest love and joy in your life (and, secondarily, would we even have the ability to change our actions in this world of circular/parallel time, or is our fate pre-determined?)

I know this is obvious to most, but I was confused about the order of events at first, so I was missing a lot of that message.

I think most of the logic of the movie checks out. what specifically was bugging you?

the only thing that really bugs me is how similar this played out to Contact. it's almost beat-for-beat the same.