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Topic subjectI just watched Season 1
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741482, I just watched Season 1
Posted by handle, Mon Jun-14-21 12:02 PM
Michael is fun to watch.

The explanation on how Lorca got into our universe didn't exactly make a lot of sense. Did he kill our Lorca and replace him after the transporter thing? Did I miss this?

So which Paul was which? When we first meet him he seems a lot closer to the mirror-universe version on that character? What explains his change? Did the Paul in this universe get swapped out with another one? I am confused? Or was the spore network his ayahuasca moment?

Why do they insist on setting these shows in the past of the other shows?

Is Ash dead? Is it's Vol's modified body that contains his personality?

BIG shout to L'Rell's white outfit - that was the perfect Klingon outfit.Fierce, yet still female. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f9/2b/85/f92b8564b65f2ac88a872f6bb325443f.jpg