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Topic subjectI thought it was great.
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734454, I thought it was great.
Posted by rob, Mon Apr-22-19 11:14 PM
I’m over the shitty makeup for Abrams Klingons. Boreth and the ship designs were very cool. And the canon integrity concerns are bullshit. Star Trek played fast and loose with all kinds of things through every iteration.

Discovery has made real efforts to slot into the timeline. I think they did a real amazing job with Michael/Spock and family. Pike really helped the tone this season too. I bought the coda.

I didn’t like the second to last episode. Would have been better to have an extended final episode and cut 20 mins off the goodbyes. Tilly’s spore parasite and the histrionics around bringing Rickie back were also not the best. Stamets was moping around the whole season. Could have used more from Jett and Number One.

Those are all small things. Otherwise I have absolutely no complaints. It’s waaaay ahead of the curve of any Star Trek show after a couple dozen episodes.

This season was a lot better than the first because they weren’t trying to bullshit through the Klingon War (rip Axanar) or explain the spore drive. It will be interesting to see what this/Section 31/Picard can accomplish moving forward. People complained a lot about the time on this one but based on Voyager and recent movies I’m actually much more worried they won’t know what to do with the unestablished portions of the timeline.