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Topic subjectfinished season 1...we're hooked!
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732084, finished season 1...we're hooked!
Posted by Voodoochilde, Tue Oct-09-18 08:57 PM
The Star Trek Discovery IS RIGHT THERE with my favorite Trek series ( Original Series & Deep Space 9)...it mAy end up being my favorite it keeps up the quality.

On the actors performances alone, its the best by far.
(from top to bottom, and in between, this cast is really really strong...Sonequa Martin-Green is Michael is emitting the perfect balance of Vulcan raised Human, the amazing Doug Jones as Suru is showing how strong his emotive chops are by giving heartbreaking emotions EVEN through the heavy makeup/costume of his character. And special props to Michaels cute red headed roomie Sylvia Tilly played by Mary Wiseman! I have a special appreciation for her...every time she's on screen I get the giggles due to her scene stealing PERFECTly understated comic timing! Cant get enough of her)

Visually speaking, I think this series looks GLORIOUS, probably best I've seen in Trek tv too.
( I truly get my 'sci fi' fix satisfied and with the scenes & effects in Discovery.)

Character development? I think ALL of the characters are extremely well thought out and developed, I want to know more about pretty much all of em.

so yeah...I dig it...im in....and the finale has me hyped for season 2....well done!

have you listened to
her stuff?

RIP David Williams: