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Topic subjectI like it alot, but my only beef is that its consistently good
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727692, I like it alot, but my only beef is that its consistently good
Posted by BigReg, Mon Feb-05-18 01:22 PM
when it can be consistently great. Like my man Lorca...


Lorca was a great character concept that theywasted. Someone above mentioned in Star Trek lore in the fleet there was a heavy war hawk contingent and tackling it as a theme (in a property that at times was a little too optimistic) would have been a good angle since the current golden age of television favors it’s anti-heroes.

The thing is that whole mirror storyline which was perfectly set up was squandered. Here you had a civilization that zinged where they should have zagged and as opposed to seeing what happens when ‘good’ ideals get corrupted; everyone was the badguys. And don’t get me wrong; it was entertaining as hell, the entire season has been entertaining as hell. But it could have also been smart at the same time too.

For some reason I think if we were in DS9 the Lorca universe would have been a great story about how power corrupts and that taken to the extreme even ‘good’ guys can be bad (which other Trek shows have played around with). But here they were so cartoonishly villainous that I felt like they squandered the opportunity.

Now that Michelle Yeoh’s character is in their main continuity there is still a chance to explore some of those themes in a time of war. But considering how she was literally snacking on alien people only two episodes ago I don’t see that moral discussion lasting long.

It reminds me of another entertaining show that had a great idea eventually ran out of stunts to cover themselves, Walking Dead, and what they did with the Shane character.

While Shane was a ‘bad guy’ what made his legacy great was ultimately his amorality was right; his pro-active ‘Survival first, morals second’ was adopted to a certain extent by almost all the characters in the show since his death particularly the main leads. The Klingon’s winning the war is the moment where Lorca could be proven ‘right’ and having a less psychopathic version of him there would be great for the show. But now? He’s was just a looney dude that’s trying to date his ex’s twin sister, lol.