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Topic subjectThere's more to it than that, though.
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727183, There's more to it than that, though.
Posted by stravinskian, Tue Jan-09-18 08:16 PM
Like I said, a few episodes have been absolutely great. The general idea of modernizing the storytelling in the Star Trek universe is great. Some of the characters (Burnam, Saru, Tilly, maybe Lorca), are among the best Star Trek has ever had.

My problem is just with the gimmicky references to campy aspects of the original series. I never liked those aspects of the original show, but even if I did, they seem completely out of place in a show that's otherwise trying to build compelling characterizations and "gritty" drama.

It feels like many of the creators really care about enriching the Star Trek universe, but others (including CBS suits maybe?) have been pushing to keep it broad. And it just doesn't mesh.

There's also the issue that this is just where Star Trek is right now. If the fans don't support it, it'll die. I will say, it's been a lot easier as a Star Trek fan to be excited about Discovery than it was for the Abrams movies.

All that said, though, everyone keeps saying (and it's generally true) that Star Trek series usually need a season to find their legs. The first season of TNG was just as uneven, if not more. Despite all my complaints, I'm confident the show will get better. I'm just ranting because I'm a nerd, and I wish they'd done better. (And I'm fully aware that I wouldn't have been able to do better.)

I'm also curious if anyone will come in and say they like the mirror universe. Because it's never seemed anything other than silly to me, in any of the series.