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Topic subjectRE: I'm hopeful, but not fully convinced.
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725224, RE: I'm hopeful, but not fully convinced.
Posted by calminvasion, Sun Oct-08-17 08:09 AM

>Also, the acting felt odd to me, not very self assured,
>especially from such strong actors. It could have been in my
>mind, it could have been because there were so many other
>things going on, could have been the dialogue, could have been
>the sometimes-weird CGI or the overdramatic camera angles. I
>dunno. I'm not worried about that long-term -- if it's the
>actors they'll adjust, if it's me, I'll adjust.

So I totally get this, especially for the lead actress. But I softened some after discovering her Vulcan rooots. She felt awkward and stilted, but I realized that was her attempt at displaying the Vulcan logic/unemotional thing but not all the way. Don't think she really made it work but I became much more forgiving. Had no issues with other actors, except maybe the captain?

>I'm not a fan of what they've done with the Klingons, but I've
>never liked the Klingons. I like that they're speaking their
>own language, but it doesn't really count as realism when
>they're still obsessed with fighting with swords in the 23rd

I wish homie didn't die, he could have been a cool antagonist and the started to build a good back sorry

Three episodes in, I'm all in